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AFOKOSKIN Facial Steamer

Some of the many benefits of using a facial steamer as a tool in your skincare routine includes warming up the surface of the skin, thereby making it more receptive to treatment (mask, serums, etc.), enhancing circulation, helping to remove toxins from the skin, softening debris inside the pores for easier removal, and increasing relaxation.


After removing any makeup and cleansing the skin, follow the steps below to use your AFOKOSKIN Facial Steamer. If you desire to exfoliate, then do this before steaming. When finished steaming, proceed with your desired skincare routine by following with a mask, moisturizer, or serum.

1. Fill the water tank. A face steamer comes with a water tank, and in a similar fashion to an iron, this water is then evaporated to produce steam. Fill the steamer with lukewarm distilled water instead of regular tap water.

2. Place the water tank. Insert the water tank into your steamer. Turn on the steamer and allow the water to heat up, per the instructions that came with your facial steamer. (Keep in mind, some steamers have cool steam settings as well!)

3. Steam your face. Turn on your steamer and allow the steam to fall over your face. You can control the temperature, adjusting it to your liking. If you want to lock in the steam, place a towel over your head while using the steam machine. Do this for about two to 10 minutes, depending on your skin’s needs and reaction.


This product works well with our African Black Soap Foaming Face Wash and Dream Serum.

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Jasmond B.
United States United States

Product spits boiling water and burns

Can’t use this product b/c the boiling water bubbles up and burns the face. I used exactly as much water as is recommended, and I was still burned several times. The last burn was pretty bad. Won’t use this anymore.

Andrea M.
United States United States


I absolutely loved this at home spa experience. This is such an incredible thing to have and it makes your skincare game that much better.