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Just as in life, in skincare, simplicity is the ultimate luxury. AFOKOSKIN believes that the highest quality skincare ingredients are simple and natural. Our formulas are designed with the richest ingredients from around the world to prevent and restore skin damage to reveal glowing skin.Our mission is to make effective products without any of the stodgy ingredients. When it comes to our products, we keep it real.
Meet the Founder
Full disclosure: If you told me I'd be here one year ago, I wouldn't have believed you! What is now AFOKOSKIN started years ago with me "playing chemist" with some of the natural skincare products from my homeland, Ghana. I have always suffered from mild acne; that is to say that it wasn't very noticeable to others but was always present and problematic for me. I tried countless cleansers and moisturizers but could never find a product to fully address my troubled skin.
I decided to put my years of pre-med, heavy science education to use and started test-tubing with African Black Soap and other nutrient-rich natural ingredients. I had come up with something that had finally cleared up my acne, persistent redness, and irritation. In fact, I had actually never even realized how sensitive my skin was until I saw it thriving from such a gentle cleanser. I grew passionate about achieving healthy skin through natural and simple skin remedies, and thus my vision for AFOKOSKIN was born.
Nearly two years later, in an unexpected turn of events called 2020, I ended up without a job. I saw it as my time to fully invest myself into AFOKOSKIN, so in a leap of faith I launched AFOKOSKIN on May 1, 2020. I am so thankful to God to have positively affected so many people since that time who now swear by AFOKOSKIN products. I am truly thankful for the support, and I look forward to growing this brand into something huge and amazing for us.
Love, Aforkor Amelia